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Autism-Specialist Counsellor

Since 2008, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. In 2016 I was the first person to receive a Queen’s honour for services to Asperger’s syndrome, having created Action for Asperger’s charity (www.actionforaspergers.org). In addition to being a MBACP registered counsellor, I hold a Master’s degree in autism and a PGC in Asperger’s syndrome. I also have experience of autism (Asperger’s) affecting several members of my family.  I have trained in numerous counselling modalities over a 17-year period: CBT, EMDR, ACT, Hypno-psychotherapy ++. I have recently completed four years of psychotherapy training with Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre and in July 2021 received formal approval as a trainee body psychotherapist. I am currently applying to the UKCP for trainee registration for my body psychotherapy work, which I will undertake on certain days of the week and will be separate to my autism-specialist counselling work. I have counselled hundreds of individuals of all ages from 3 years upwards affected by autism. I am a fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health.  I work privately from Keep House, 124 High Street, Wollaston, Northamptonshire, NN29 7RJ, 1-2 days per week, the remainder of my time is spent working charitably in the organisation that I founded. Under Covid-19, I conduct 70% of my sessions via video (Skype/Zoom/Discord/WhatsApp/Facetime/Teams) and as a pioneer of this form of therapy I am used to the upsides and downsides of this method of working.

Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.


An autism-cognisant counselling model

Support That Makes a Difference

Asperger-Neurotypical Relationship Counselling

I am particularly expert in this field of work. I have consulted with many couples over the years, helping individuals to gain a better understanding of the Asperger's/autistic condition and how it impacts the relationship dynamic. My empathy comes from both a professional and personal place.  My clients have reported that this double-edged knowledge base aids the counselling experience enormously.

Counselling for lives that have become adversely affected by the experience of Asperger’s syndrome/autism

I specialise in counselling those who have Asperger's/autism and also those who live in a close relationship with an individual with Asperger's/autism. I counsel all ages from 3 years upwards.

Academic, non-clinical assessments for autism

Autism diagnosis should not be the opinion of one person according to NICE guidelines. A multi-agency approach to diagnosis is usually recommended. I can assist by providing an academic, non-clinical assessment for this purpose. Some individuals might wish to pursue a formal clinical diagnosis following my assessment, while others may simply wish to seek support that they are 'barking up the right tree' after many days/years of feeling 'different'.

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“I see things from both sides…from the side of the autistic individual and from the side of the individual who loves them.”

Elaine Nicholson MBE

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My private counselling rate is £75 per hour. Assessments are £400.

Keep House, 124 High Street, Wollaston, NN29 7RJ

[email protected]


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